21335 Schoenherr, Warren, MI 48089

Motion Systems in Warren MI has been my “go-to” shop for so very many jobs that others shied away from due to either the complexity of the part. They ask the right questions, and deliver parts that I could always feel proud of. Their list of tooling spans not only the commodities in Power Transmission, but they are able to provide many specialty products, such as the Gates Polychain GT™.

I have used this shop for decades and know that all of those there have been taught by the best. I have seen major improvements over the years with record keeping, responsiveness, competitive pricing, constant updating of new processes and technology, and a can do attitude that instills a sense of “I know it’s in good hands now!”

My association with this entire family has been an extreme joy. Do not hesitate to turn your orders to Motion Systems so you can experience this yourself. The quality of the materials used, the workmanship, and packaging will assure you a product that you can feel confident using.

ROXANNE LOEHRI, Marketing Specialist-Made to Order Metals, GATES CORPORATION

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