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A pulley is a simple yet powerful device that uses a tracked wheel and rope, cord, or chain to increase lift strength. They are often found in modern-day mechanical applications and can be seen in various forms in the buildings and amenities you use every day. Next time you head out, take a close look around: pulleys are literally everywhere 


Elevators are operated using a robust electric system consisting of several pulleys and counterweights. When in use, the lift system operates with both safety and power. Some architects have even created designs that let you watch the elevator’s internal machinery in action. If you get the chance to see an elevator shaft, take note of the steel cables sliding through the pulley systems and drums to lift the elevator itself. 


Those old-fashioned ‘wishing’ style water wells generally use a simple pulley system to draw up buckets of water. (This system is not to be confused with the turn-crank systems that wrap the rope around an axle.) A chain or rope with a bucket attached at one end is threaded onto a mounted wheel. The pulley makes it easier for the user to both lower the empty bucket and retrieve the full one. 

Exercise Machines 

Most weight-lifting machines use pulleys to control the angle at which the weights are lifted while keeping them in a particular location on the unit. This arrangement makes weightlifting both safer and more beneficial for the user than free weights, which can be dropped or cause an injury if used improperly. 

Construction Pulleys 

Some of the most common and basic pulley systems are used in on construction sites. These simple but effective machines consist of a wheel track that can be lifted as high as necessary and fitted with either a chain or a rope with a hook at the end. This type of pulley makes it easier to raise or lower equipment to wherever it is needed, so that construction workers don’t have to climb up and down stairs or ladders to access the tools or materials needed. 

Theatre Systems 

In theatres that offer films or live entertainment, a system of multiple pulleys is used to operate curtain and fly systems. They are located high above the stage, outside the view of the audience, and are used to raise and lower curtains and even pieces of scenery during a live theatrical performance. 

About Motion System Designs

Motion Systems designs and manufactures an extensive selection of standard pulley systems from your blueprints, sketches, samples or instructions. From Cable Pulleys,  Companion Pulleys, Flat Belt Pulleys to Poly V Pulleys,
Ribbed Pulleys, Spline Bore Pulleys and many other kinds of pulley designs we can create the perfect solution for you in almost any material or size.






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