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Gates Poly Chain

Motion Systems manufacturers all Polychain® Sprockets in compliance with specifications designated by Gates, thus ensuring high quality. Tooling for Polychain® Belt Drives is purchased only from cutter manufacturers that are licensed and approved by Gates. Learn More.

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Custom Large Gears

Motion Systems turns around most rush jobs, from print to finished product, within 5 working days. Our goal is to keep your operation running and do so at a price you can afford. We can design and build your prototype, or manufacture any volume production run.

Motion Systems makes gears for the Big Three Auto Companies and other industries that want quick turnaround time on rush gears with high quality. We carry no inventory. All our jobs are custom, and priced competitively. Learn More

Custom Pulleys & Sprockets

Motion Systems has manufactured literally thousands of different custom pulleys and sprockets over the last 25 years. We offer quick turnaround time on rush jobs for pulleys and sprockets, normally within 7 working days. We ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Learn More

Large Diameter Turning

Motion Systems has specialized in large diameter turning for rush jobs for over 20 years. Our new CNC Mazak Nexus 450 II M horizontal quickturn lathe allows us to work with pieces up to 33 1/2 inches diameter, up to 40 inches in length. We can hold tolerances from: .0005 to .001. Learn More


Motion Systems designs and manufactures an extensive selection of stock or standard pulley systems from your blueprints, sketches, samples or instructions.  Learn More

Rush Gears

Motion Systems has specialized in rush gears, splines, sprockets, pulleys, shafts, bushings or any linear motion transfer devices for over 35 years. We are rush job experts in emergency turning or machining for any part you need, with or without prints. We can reverse engineer an obsolete or broken gear, pulley, sprocket, spline, bushing or shaft and replace it in some cases as little as 24 hours. We can work from your specs, pictures or part over-nighted to us so you won’t have to stay down. Whatever breakdown machining drive part you need, we can deliver quickly and right, the first time. Learn More

Wind Power Gears

Motions Systems prides itself on manufacturing products that contribute to green energy. We make wind power gears for wind turbine generators, windmill power generators, and vertical wind power generators. We can reverse engineer an individual broken gear or work from your prints and produce an entire windpower gear set. Breakdowns or fast turn-around emergency rush jobs are our specialty. We produce wind generator gears for home applications up to the largest wind turbine gears of 12 feet in diameter with any pitch or teeth configuration needed.  Learn More

Green Manufacturing

Motion Systems is dedicated to the environment. Our facility strives to be green and consume less energy. We utilize soybean oil when manufacturing, as well as a synthetic water-based cutting coolant. With updating energy efficient lighting, we continue to do our part in saving our planet. We fully  support making alternative energy sources, such as wind power gears for wind turbine generators, wind power generators and vertical wind power generatorsLearn More